Episode 2: Your Diet is Cute


Is diet and exercise enough? This is the case for (smart and reasonable) supplementation. Backed by quality research and surprising facts, this article was taken from harmoniawellness.com.

Episode 1: Chris Vitrano, Chief Marketing Officer (aka Dog of War), @ Indie Agency Nelson Schmidt


With over 25 years of experience in the highly-volatile industries of publishing and marketing, the last 11 spent at independent agency Nelson Schmidt, Inc., Chris’ formula for success has been to integrate his athletic mindset with his career ambitions. As he puts it, “Rather than separate my professional and personal interests like so many people do, I choose to blend them – it makes me who I am and gives me a competitive edge.” Case in point, when traveling on domestic and international business, Chris brings his running shoes to get a feel-good endorphin rush that lasts into his workday. And as a BOGO, gives him a glimpse of a city’s neighborhoods and hidden gems that he and his colleagues wouldn’t otherwise know about from just being limited to what’s in the immediate vicinity of a business district.

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